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Do you know a family unit (a single person, a single mom or dad, a married couple, a widow or widower, etc.) that would benefit from a twelve (12) month, life-changing experience in the form of a "hand up"?

Seeds of Hope Nomination Form

Nominator's Name:

Nominator's Phone Number:

Nominator's Email Address:

The following questions pertain to the family you are nominating: 

Name of each person in the family and all ages.

What is your relationship to the family?

Please list the occupation of each family member (if a student, please note the name of the school and the grade and/or classification, if in college)

In 200 words or less, please state the reason you are nominating this family. Please include the family's employment and/or educational situation, living situation, recent losses or immediate needs, and anything else that you feel is relevant for the committee to know.

Thank you for your submission!

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