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Who We Are

Mothers Shut In (MSI) is a community of women from diverse backgrounds who have come together collectively to change the lives of women and their children, grandchildren, and generations to come in a way they cannot do so within their means. We are empowering mothers to effect change by: 

MSI contributes to those who need to further their education through 529 accounts, new technology, book stipends, tuition, and other ways to keep those in school moving toward completion. 

Seeds of Hope
MSI identifies and assists in improving the lives of families or individuals over a twelve (12-month) period through financial and educational support, career options, technology, resume building, credit repair, transportation assistance, counseling, and the like.  
Affirmation & Intercessory
MSI provides spiritual meditation, fasting, and support to those who express the need to deal with life challenges or encouragement to maintain a well-balanced life.
MSI provides a platform for travel experiences for grandparents, children, and grandchildren that expose, enlighten, and equip them to grow spiritually, physically, and mentally while engaging with a diverse community of peers.
MSI volunteers help mobilize people to play a strategic part in making the community a better place through planning, organizing, and executing the mission and vision of the organization.  
MSI fosters enlightened programs that educate in spirituality, health, wealth, and financial literacy. We frequently engage with college and trade school representatives to provide information to students and their families to assist with informed decisions about post-high school options.


At Mothers Shut In, we have a commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.  This commitment is woven into our values, and our nonprofit is strengthened as we embrace the full spectrum of humanity. Everyone, regardless of race, gender, or national origin, is respected, and that philosophy is contagious in our mission to empower, engage and enlighten the communities we serve.

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Mothers Shut In fosters an enriched environment that provides resources, tools, and services that positively impact women's well-being and self-sufficiency as they transform their children's lives and future generations. 


To impact the world by positively affecting the lives of women, children, and future generations.

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