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Mothers Shut In Power Report

In 2021, thanks to numerous volunteers, generous donations, and availing prayers, MSI was able to impact targeted communities. 

Mothers Shut In (MSI) aims to help transform the lives of grandmothers, mothers, and their children across the country. Sparked by the force and vision of its Founder and CEO, Carolyn Hayden-Garner, MSI seeks to plant seeds of hope and life in underserved and overlooked communities.  
Over the past five years, MSI has already tilled the soils of many lives, leaving both an indelible mark and a measured impact on thousands of people. 
Through its fearless leadership, programs, and volunteers, MSI strives to cultivate character, offer the necessary assistance, and enrich souls in ways that heighten the quality of life and enhance faith-driven living. 

In 2021, thanks to numerous volunteers, generous donations, and availing prayers, MSI was able to impact targeted communities in the following areas:


  • ​Retained Legal Counsel to Ensure Compliance and Enhance Board Training

  • 100% Participation of Financial Support from Board Members

  • 30+ Volunteers

  • Gifts & Grants Success with “Manna for Mothers” and North Texas Giving Day


  • Conducted Resume Writing Class

  • Hosted a Vision Board Session 

  • Promoted 8 Financial Literacy Classes

  • Hosted 2 Virtual College Fairs Representing 12 Colleges and Universities

  • Participated in Cultural Events in Various States

  • Launched Biweekly Newsletters


  • Awarded 9 Scholarships 

  • Delivered 15 College Care Packets

  • Donated Books, Stipends and Tuition to College Students

  • Recognized and Honored 7 Caregivers During National Caregivers Month

  • Supported 10 Families Listed on Christmas Angel Trees in Texas, Michigan, and Alabama


  • Launched MSI Website

  • Hosted the 4th Annual Mothers Shut In Conference (hybrid) – 300 participants

  • Hosted Monthly Connection Call for Mothers and Grandmothers 

  • Organized and Delivered Monthly Calls for Mediation, Fasting, and Prayer

  • Hosted the 1st Annual Virtual Mothers’ Day Celebration

  • Participated in the 24th Annual E.K. Bailey Conference

  • Supported the Annual Survivors Ball

  • Participated in 3 Onsite Radio Broadcasts

  • Amassed More Than 1400 Followers on Social Media

The 2021 Seeds of Hope recipient was a Houston mother and grandmother to her son and his two children. The son, an employee of a local convenience store, was randomly shot, causing injuries, which caused him to become permanently paralyzed.  Throughout the process of caring for her son, the ability to work and pay routine living expenses became impossible.

“My life now is not my own,” she said, after being selected as the Seeds of Hope recipient. “MSI has been a blessing to me and my family. We were living with my daughter and MSI stepped in and helped us get our life back on track and I'm forever grateful.” - 

Seeds Of Hope_basic-file.png

The Seeds of Hope 12-month program was designed to assist a low-income, at-risk, or a family unit in distress. The goal of this program was designed to identify the areas of need while also helping family units cultivate the necessary skills that the family needs to become self-sufficient and sustaining in the community. Examples of targeted areas include securing stable employment, counseling, financial literacy, budgeting, chaplaincy services, and the like; thus, assisting the family to become a thriving family unit in their respective community.

Through the generosity of MSI’s financial supporters, MSI was able to provide a "hands up" to the family by:

  • Providing Rental Assistance for 6 Months

  • Purchasing Furniture (Sofa, TV, Beds)

  • Providing a $25 Per Week Stipend Over a 2 Month Period

  • Assisting with Utilities, Car Insurance and Car Registration

  • Providing Access to an On-Call Chaplain

  • Providing Weekly Guidance to Assistance with Navigating Social Services

Thank you to the community, supporters, and the MSI Board of Directors for their collective efforts in 2021.  We anxiously await the many opportunities MSI has in store to bless our communities in 2022!  

Please continue to stand, support, donate and become an active stakeholder in the vision of MSI. 

Thank You

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