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The Seeds of Hope program is designed to assist the low-income and at-risk population, which includes single parents, youth ages 12-25, and other family units. This assistance will be in the form of education and career support, which includes mentoring and employment internships, career development, college readiness and/or post-secondary training, life skill support, and other tools which will assist in enhancing financial and educational independence.  The result will be that of developing the necessary skills to obtain a stable work and home environment, thus enhancing the community in which we live.  The Seeds of Hope program is a 12-month experience, beginning in November of each year, and maintaining support for the identified participants during the entire time.   

Seeds of Hope’s assistance may include the following:
  • Mental Health and Family Counseling Referrals

  • Financial Literacy Classes and Credit Seminars 

  • Community Outreach Referrals

  • Financial Assistance in the form of scholarships, technology, transportation assistance, prep classes for college entrance exam testing, and technology and vocational training 

  • Job placement and internships

  • Leadership development and mentoring 

  • Academic assessments

  • Credit and Financial Literacy Counseling 

Guidelines and  Eligibility

  • Determined to be At- Risk and/or Low Income 

  • Commitment to the program for a 12-month period 

  • Commit to budgeting, counseling, tithing, and transparency

  • Commit to developing and monitoring goals 

  • Must submit to a confidential panel interview

  • No medical information will be requested

  • Must attend required meetings, held monthly 

  • Commit to a testimonial of the program to be published on MSI’s website or other public forums

  • Must be a US citizen and reside within the United States 

  • Commit to volunteering in the local community 

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