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Mothers Shut In
2022 Conference Synopsis 

The 2022 conference marked five years and how befitting the theme “God’s Grace Abundantly.” Each participant was blessed beyond their expectations!

It started with the setting of the atmosphere with the Chaplin of MSI! Immediately, praise and worship ushered the participants to a higher level in the presence of God. As the morning progressed, it was filled with heartfelt testimonies from women who have been active participants of MSI.  

As participants engaged in more intimate settings that included teaching and prayer, they were highly engaged as they took a deeper dive into learning and praying about healing, single parenting, physical and mental health, grief, parenting young adults, finances, marriage, and dealing with abuse.  

Next, national recording gospel artist, Kathy Taylor, reminded us through ministry in song “God is with us.” This lead us to the distribution of a prayer pillow to each participant!   These pillows were held close to the hearts of the participants as they prayed fervently for their children and generations to come. The pillow is a reminder that when things become challenging and when we want to give thanks, just kneel!  

The conference ended with honoring individuals and a reception that allowed participants to collaborate and share their feedback on the amazing event.  

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